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Shipping Info

1. How long does it take for me to receive the package?

Orders has to be processed before it is shipped. The time you wait before receiving the package is made up of Processing Time and Shipping Time.

An order status of "Processing" means your order has been verified and put into processing procedure. Processing time is required because we need to confirm your contact information and delivery address, sort item(s), conduct strict quality checking and pack the item(s). When your order is packed properly, it will be handed in to the shipping company.

An order status of "Shipping" means your item(s) has started to ship, and you can track your order once the tracking number is updated by the courier. Since the whole shipping process involves international shipping, the package might be in transit or going through custom cleareance. During this period, tracking number will not be updated until the item is fetched by the courier company. You may wait for 10 days to get the tracking number updated for Expedited Express and 20 days for Ocean Shipping. Please feel free to contact us if you need help concerning the shipping status of your order.

Processing Time: 7-10 business days

Please Note: 
A. Processing Time is calculated from the time you paid and the order is verified (verification Email will be sent after payment). 
B. You may change your mind after placing the order, including but not limited to: switch to another color, size, style or a different product, changes in address. If that happens, Processing Time is calculated from the time when the order detail(s) is eventually confirmed. A confirmation Email will be sent informing the updated Estimated Delivery Time.
C. For holidays, processing time may takes longer than it usually is. We will notify you in advance.

Shipping Time

We provide a range of shipping methods depending on the product category and the country/region. Your shipping time will be affected by the shipping method you specified. Please refer to the chart below to look into more specific shipping time.

Shipping Method
Countries/ Region
Time (Days)
Expedited Express
Western United States, United Kingdom


Eastern United States, Canada, Europe 15-20
Australia, Japan, Singapore


Ocean Shipping
Western United States, Australia
Eastern United States
Standard Shipping
Mexico, Japan, Singapore

Please Note:

A. Countries that require customs duties. Customs policies vary among different countries. Typically, our customers do not have to pay customs duties. However, due to more stringent customs inspections, you may occasionally be required to pay them. We have no control over these fees as they vary by country. If you encounter customs duties, kindly reach out to your local customs office, make the necessary payment, and retain the payment proof. Share this proof with our customer service team, and we will promptly reimburse you the full amount.
B. Within 1-2 business days, after the order is successfully dispatched, we will provide the tracking number of your order by sending an email to the registered email address.
C. We apologize that the P.O.Boxes and military addresses(APO, FPO)can not be delivered. For the US territories, please leave a note when you place an order. For example, if your address is in Guam, Puerto Rico, you could state Guam, Puerto Rico in the country section.    

D. We DON'T provide ocean shipping to the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.

2. How much does the shipping cost?
The price of shipping varies depending on your selected items, your address and the shipping method you choose. Specified shipping fee could be seen at checkout.
A. Make sure you have selected the correct country/region and entered the correct address;

B. A range of applicable shipping methods are shown, along with its estimated duration and the fee (as shown below)

3. How do I estimate the Delivery Time?

Estimated Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time (depending on your location)

The Estimated Delivery Date is when we expect to fulfill your order based on your country/region and the shipping method you specified. Processing Time along with Shipping Time is counted.

The Estimated Delivery Date could be affected by our inventory availability, processing capacity, and unforeseen factors such as strikes or natural disaster. We will notice you in advance if there are factors that might cause delay in delivering your order.

Please Note: We are not liable for delay caused by the following situations

A. Contact information or delivery address is changed/corrected after placing the order;

B. The product(s) in your order is re-specified, such as changing to a different color, different size, etc, after placing the order;

C. The first delivery attempt is within the Estimated Delivery Date. If the courier has made a first-time delivery attempt within the Estimated Delivery Date, but you missed it/ arranged a pick-up/ the address was invalid, we are not liable for the time when you could actually get the package;

D. Your delivery address is in remote area.

The shipping information will be updated from time to time, and the final interpretation right belongs to Kwoking. You can contact us for more shipping details.